Friday, March 18, 2011

Lapo Elkann, Milan

I've always had a lot of respect for Lapo's style & achievements.

He’s fluent in six languages and the very definition of cosmopolitan, having been born in New York, raised in Brazil, educated in England and France, and now once again living in Gotham. He’s the scion of Italy’s preeminent family (the Agnellis, not the Mafia), and is quintessentially Italian. Style and fashion are in his blood, thanks to his aunt Diane von Furstenberg. He has a very unique style that is teamed with the bespoke suits inherited from his late grandfather Gianni Agnelli, who was considered by some to be the best-dressed Italian who ever lived. Elkann often wears flamboyant three-piece suits paired with bright pink scarves, chambray shirts & other odd tricks. I'm a huge fan of his mix match style & has quite a history of women & contraversy.

As for his lifestyle, Elkann pursues such hobbies as chain smoking & drinking a dozen espressos a day. He’s an accomplished sailor, winning the 2003 Fastnet trans-ocean sailboat race with his older, more responsible brother, aboard Stealth, their ultra-modern yacht. His preferred mode of transportation, when he isn’t forced to drive a Fiat-affiliate Maserati or Alfa Romeo, is a very fast, very big motorcycle.
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