Sunday, January 30, 2011

Klang Ultrasonic Sound

Designer Adam Moller calls these speakers the “Klang Ultrasonic Speakers”.
"As you are most likely wondering, Klang is a pair of ultrasonic transmitters, designed for Bang & Olufsen, that emit low-level ultrasound from a node attached to a dish. This node's relative location to the focal point of the dish determines the spread of the signal. As the sound is created at infinite points along the path of the signal, the user is able to control where the sound is (and is not) heard by simply adjusting the signal's spread. True binaural sound is also acheived as only the left ear hears sound from the left transmitter, and only the right ear hears sound from the right transmitter; depending upon the placement of the transmitters, of course.

For the model, the base was created using a 3D printer, and the brass pieces are actually brass, which I turned manually (as opposed to CNC) on a lathe. The other pieces were also turned on the lathe after creating the stock from instacast."

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